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I am a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher and over all a researcher, living for the last 20 years between Amsterdam and Caracas.


In my native Venezuela I had the extraordinary experience of having a solid education not only in dance but also in the social sciences, which has allowed me to develop a dance career that has always been supported by the perspectives and methods used by social scientists.


My best teachers have been the ones who offer me a safe space to learn and sustain a great deal of effort and strain, but without harming my body and my passion for the body in motion.


In this sense, since very early in my career, I understood that teaching means to create a safe environment where students open up themselves to undertake a process of self-discovery while taking the risk of pushing their own boundaries, but also we all -students and teachers- take the collective responsibility of supporting each other’s processes.


I believe as a teacher that one can make a long lasting impression on our students. In this sense, we as teachers and mentors have to be aware of how relevant we can become in the process of developing the talents of young artists, considering that everyone is an individual with his or her particular needs and values.


As a teacher, I am looking forward to creating this environment where everybody can express their particular point of view and have the space to work and develop their talents, and where those gems can grow to become a unique dance artist.

Maria Ines Villasmil

Dancer, Dance Teacher Choreographer, Researcher, Writer & Cultural Manager

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